Experience immediate, significant, increased profits. Research suggests a full eye exam – with exam fees and eyewear sales – is worth on average $306 in revenue. If you have unbooked appointments in your schedule, you’re leaving money on the table.

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Pauline is passionate about helping optometrists run highly profitable practices. As a fellow entrepreneur, she appreciates the hard work and dedi- cation required to operate a successful business, and enjoys helping her clients reap the rewards of their efforts.

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Pauline brings over 22 years of experience to helping practices like yours earn greater profits by increasing bookings and eyewear sales. Pauline is a leading expert on client communications in the field of optometry.

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Welcome to Pauline Blachford Consulting

Hello and welcome to my site!

Pauline Blachford Consulting helps optometrists and health care professionals in Canada and the U.S. increase their profitability while maximizing patient care. Whether you want to reduce unbooked appointments, enhance employee productivity or increase product sales, you’ve come to the right place.

I am an expert in the practice management field, specializing in providing one-on-one and group coaching to you and your staff. Above all, I’m results-driven, passionate and experienced.

Please browse the site and check out the testimonials. Then contact me for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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Increased Bookings
Increased bookings equals increased revenue. If your practice is not fully booked or are interested in adding appointments, Pauline Blachford Consulting will help you implement a highly effective recalling strategy that adds to your bottom line. Read More.
Enhanced Employee Productivity
Practices benefit from a productive and engaged staff. Pauline can work with your practice to increase employee productivity and engagement through team-building meetings and retreats. Read More.
Increased Eyewear Sales
Research suggests one out of three patients who receive a prescription from an optometrist will buy their glasses elsewhere. If your patients are not buying their eyewear exclusively from you, Pauline can coach you and your team to maximize your sales. Read More.
Sustainable Results
Change takes action. For all her services, Pauline recommends follow-up appointments once a month, for six months. As a doctor and business owner, your responsibilities are countless. Practice managers are also caught up in their day-to-day obligations. Read More.
Career and Growth Coaching
Pauline is working toward offering career and growth coaching for optometrists. This service will be fully available in the near future.

Are you an ambitious and big-thinking optometrist? Do you want to make your mark on the optometry profession and on the world?

Pauline offers one-on-one coaching and growth coaching designed specifically for optometrists and soon-to-be optometrists who have big dreams and want assistance setting and accomplishing their goals, increasing their confidence and overcoming barriers.

Whether it be over the phone or in person, weekly or bi-weekly, your sessions with Pauline will leave you inspired and focused on the incremental actions that will allow you to achieve your aspirations.


“Pauline presented to our provincial association and did not disappoint! Her knowledge of the industry was unending and her views on practice growth from the perspective of recalling were truly 'eye-opening'. We can't wait to bring her back to work with our staff directly.”

Dr. Ryan Smith
Elmsdale Vision Centre

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