10 questions to start the new business year

I have always felt that September is a great time to reflect, renew and set new goals.

In a way, it’s like a whole new year. Those with kids know that family lives often revolve around the school year more than they do the calendar year. Even for those who aren’t parenting young students, there is something about the approach of a new season and the year’s final quarter that provides a good time to plan for the future and think about the past.

As students prepare for what will no doubt be an unusual school year, I think now is a good time for business and clinic owners to do the same. Not only is it important to reflect on whether we are on track to achieve our end-of-year targets, it is critical to reflect on the long interruption and cautious economic restart caused by COVID-19.

After a tumultuous 2020, let September be the start of your new business year.

Thinking through what could come next, where you want to end the calendar year, how the pandemic has impacted your team and the needs of your patients is the first step to improving your practice.

I encourage owners to answer and reflect upon the following 10 questions, first for themselves, and then with their team members in mind:

  1. Am I happy and performing my duties as best as I could?
  2. Do I need to take courses to update and sharpen my skills?
  3. Am I setting a good example in my workplace by displaying exemplary service?
  4. Am I treating my team and co-workers like the valuable assets they are?
  5. Am I compensating them fairly in alignment with their contributions to my business?
  6. Am I bringing out the best in them by engaging with them and offering them autonomy and flexibility?
  7. Am I offering my patients the best care alongside my team?
  8. Am I open to surveying my team and taking a good look at their suggestions?
  9. Are we recalling our patients regularly to show them that we care about them and their entire family?
  10. What will I do this fall in lieu of team gatherings to reward my team for their support, hard work and contribution during this unprecedented time?

With answers in hand, my final suggestion is to ask yourself what steps you are prepared to take to address any shortfalls and seize any opportunities that may exist at your practice at this point in time.

If you’re looking for greater insight, ask your human resources personnel, managers and staff to also answer these 10 questions, and encourage them to share their concerns, ideas and solutions with you.

For ideas on how to engage your team, make your customer service exceptional and get your business back on track, please get in touch.