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I founded Pauline Blachford Consulting for one reason: to help optometry practices increase their profitability while better serving their patients.

Informing my work is nearly two decades of experience at White Rock Optometry (WRO) in British Columbia. During that time, I designed and implemented WRO’s telephone recalling strategy, made more than 100,000 calls to patients in the process, and booked an average of 30 eye health appointments, daily. Now, I’m fortunate to be in the position to bring results-driven strategies and insights to optometry practices across Canada.

My passion for eye health comes from my childhood in Guyana, South America.

When I was a young girl, I always wondered why my great-grandmother never read to me. I also occasionally noticed her wearing her clothes inside-out. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized my great-grandmother was blind: the result of faulty cataract eye-drops.

Years later, the memory of my great-grandmother and the experiences of my granddaughter remind me of the importance of proper eye care. When Jada was two years old, she was prescribed  -6.00 lenses: a diagnosis that allowed my granddaughter to see the world with clarity for the first time. With her new glasses, Jada now excels at reading and making crafts. (Under the Video tab you can watch her try on her new glasses for the first time.)

With a focus on practices and their patients, Pauline Blachford Consulting helps optometrists and optometry business managers build their practice by nurturing and growing their patient database. I personally assist clients in developing strategies for communicating with patients, and coach telephone recallers on how to book appointments while building client loyalty. Additionally, I work with optometrists to enhance employee productivity and increase eyewear sales. I also work with optometry teams to empower employees to achieve their full potential.

Outside of pursuing the work that I love, I like to support a number of causes I care deeply about. These include Optometry Giving SightThird World Eye Care Society and Canadian Blood Services. I have also served on the founding board of The Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of B.C., serving as vice-president for four years.

Work and family take me across the country, but my home is in South Surrey with my husband Jack. I’m the proud mother of Jay, Dean, Tyler and Sabrina, and grandmother to Jada, Sofia and Piper. I care about my family the same way my great-grandmother cared for me, though I try to wear my clothes right-side-out.

Pauline’s granddaughter Jada (left) and her friend Ava.