Pauline presented to our provincial association and did not disappoint! Her knowledge of the industry was unending and her views on practice growth from the perspective of recalling were truly ‘eye-opening’. We can’t wait to bring her back to work with our staff directly.

— Dr. Ryan Smith, Elmsdale Vision Centre

Pauline Blachford is the best clinic trainer I have ever worked with. Her passion is centered around building patient relationships through telephone recalling, but she offers so much more. She gave me insight into my staff’s personalities, provided me with some “out of the box” ideas for promoting and growing my clinic, and reviewed the economics of recalling (which were astounding to me).

— Dr. Heather Cowie, Airdrie Family Eye Doctors

Pauline is an innovator in the optometry industry when it comes to customer service and eyewear sales.

— Dr. Altaz Shajani, Lynn Valley Optometry

Pauline created and developed our telephone recalling system over her 17 years working for White Rock Optometry. She played a key role in the growth of our practice and I wish her well in her new venture as an independent consultant.

— Dr. Melanie Sherk, White Rock Optometry

Our staff members have great team spirit, and Pauline played a big part in that. She is a natural and genuine “cheer-leader”. Pauline has a gift of reading people and can connect with anybody.

— Dr. Cindy Anderson, White Rock Optometry

Pauline has been a valuable resource as I build my practice.

— Dr. Eva Kalicinsky, Brookswood Optometry

Pauline is constantly challenging herself and her clients to reach new heights. I am sure she can improve your office’s professionalism and effectiveness on the single most important digital tool in your office – the phone.

— Dr. Gerry Leinweber, Doctors EyeCare Red Deer

Pauline Blachford has methodically honed her craft over a number of years. She has attended lectures of mine and has shown a real passion for customer service. your office’s professionalism and effectiveness on the single most important digital tool in your office – the phone.

— Dr. Justin Bazan, Park Slope Eye – Brooklyn, NY

Pauline’s ‘How to be a Linchpin’ seminar was absolutely fantastic. Her ability to create rapport with optometric assistants and to be able to elicit their true wants and needs was an absolute pleasure to witness. As an optometrist in the room it allowed me to better understand my team and our potential as a profession in general when we can all work as a team. This seminar is a must for the entire team!!!

— Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis, Dr. Nikolakakis and Associates Optometrist

Pauline not only engages her audience with a wonderful mix of real world experience and concrete financial stats, but her approachable demeanor and well-paced speaking style make her lectures seem more like coaching chats with a colleague. I am so grateful for her “tips from the trenches” and have returned to my practice with a renewed sense of purpose and pride in my role as a linchpin for my doctors.

— Corrina Cornforth, Lake Cowichan Eyecare

Pauline coached Hayley, our telephone recaller. After 3 sessions, Hayley booked 12 appointments in an hour!

— Dr. Susan Seibold, Eyecare at the Mulberry Optometry

Pauline helped us identify our strengths, and showed us how to put them to use for our business, and for our clients.

— Dr. J. Bart McRoberts, Optomeyes West Vancouver & Squamish

Pauline has been one of our top fundraisers in the country. I wish I could clone her. Her volunteer efforts on behalf of Optometry Giving Sight are much appreciated!

— Jane Ebbern, Country Manager, Optometry Giving Sight<

Pauline helped us increase daily sales by 28%. That’s huge because, after fixed costs are paid, the rest is gravy.

— Dr. R. Glenn Dyck, Surrey Centre Optometry

For 17 years Pauline has shown great compassion, masterful leadership, and exceeded expectations.

— Dr. Tracy Ertel, White Rock Optometry

We engaged Pauline Blachford to do training with a new employee. We were impressed with Pauline’s enthusiasm, organization, communication style and warmth. Our investment has paid off handsomely, our booked capacity went from 63% at the end of August to 92% in November, our new employee is up to speed with a much improved recall system.

— Jeannette McLaren, Robertson Optical & Optometry