Pauline brings over 17 years of experience to helping practices like yours earn greater profits by increasing bookings and eyewear sales. Pauline is a leading expert on client communications in the field of optometry. She also has unique approaches to eyewear sales and employee engagement. Her articles on these topics have been published in industry journals, and she is a frequent speaker at optometry events.

Pauline developed her strategies and techniques during her career at White Rock Optometry (WRO). When WRO brought on a new associate shortly after Pauline was hired, Pauline recognized the practice could not rely on mail-outs to fill the schedule.

So Pauline began telephone recalling patients. Soon, she was booking an average of 30 appointments per day, results that cannot be matched by other forms of recalling.

Pauline also used her calls to increase client loyalty, educate patients on the importance of regular eye health exams and grow WRO’s client database.

By the time Pauline left WRO to start Pauline Blachford Consulting, she had made over 100,000 recalls and mastered numerous practice management software programs.

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Pauline created and developed our telephone recalling system over her 17 years working for White Rock Optometry. She played a key role in the growth of our practice and I wish her well in her new venture as an independent consultant.
Dr. Melanie Sherk, White Rock Optometry

For 17 years Pauline has shown great compassion, masterful leadership, and exceeded expectations.
Dr. Tracy Ertel, White Rock Optometry

Pauline helped us identify our strengths, and showed us how to put them to use for our business, and for our clients.
— Dr. J. Bart McRoberts, Optomeyes West Vancouver & Squamish