Have you ever worked with a staff person you couldn’t train?
Never. Different telephone recallers will need different skills and knowledge, but once I’ve provided them with the necessary training and information, they always produce positive results.

How long will it take you to train our telephone recallers?
I train every telephone recaller individually to ensure they become competent in the necessary skills. It usually takes three to four days – plus follow up appointments – to coach each recaller, depending on their experience. This is active training, so as I’m coaching your recaller, I’ll have them calling your patients to book appointments – that way, you’ll see the results immediately.

How will you improve my staff’s productivity?
I help optometry staff become more productive by boosting employee engagement. This improves customer service while increasing sales, employee retention and profits.

Can you help my practice compete for eyewear sales against big box stores and online retailers?
Definitely. By helping you accentuate your competitive advantages over your competition, I’ll help you ensure your clients buy their eyewear from you instead of taking their prescriptions elsewhere.