Hiring for keeps

Hiring right and firing when necessary can be difficult.

This is especially true for small business owners who manage small teams. Great hires can boost morale and productivity, while poor hiring decisions can have the opposite effect. It can be the difference between a team that functions, and a team plagued by friction.

I’ve written extensively on what happens in between the start of a new employee-employer relationship and its end. A strong employee engagement strategy, like a great hire, can keep your staff happy, your company culture healthy, and your retention high.

Retention is key. The ability to keep experienced employees has many positive consequences: it can lead to better customer service, it allows for greater peer-to-peer mentorship, and ultimately, higher retention reduces your costs.

Of course, strong retention starts with strong hiring. It can be challenging to try and retain someone who was not the right hire in the first place. It’s not the best decision for your business, your team, or your hire. Eight out of 10 employees are unhappy in their jobs, according to my dear friend JoAnne Marlow, and that can erode the overall productivity and morale of your team.

JoAnne is an educator, trainer, public speaker, certified professional coach, and a prolific author who advises leaders and senior management on issues related to organizational culture.

She recently joined Marc Haine’s podcast to share some of the steps businesses can take to reduce employee turnover. If you’re curious about hiring for keeps, I would highly recommend listening to or watching the episode.

You can also learn more about JoAnne and her amazing work on her website.