How to help your employees enjoy their career path

I’ve written before about the widespread benefits of having an engaged group of employees working for you. On the whole, they’re more productive, morale increases, creativity thrives, customers benefit.

When employees are engaged, it typically means staff feel satisfied in their roles. They have responsibility, they’re heard, they’re given opportunities to learn, train and enhance their skills.

Unfortunately, a study of more than 1,000 workers has found that just 37% are very happy with their career path.

It’s a disappointing statistic, but it highlights an opportunity. If employers can help their staff feel more empowered in their current roles – i.e. give them ways to move toward their career goals – they can unlock benefits for both employees, and their business.

If there remains any doubt about the role an employer should play when it comes to helping employees and their careers, consider retention: employees won’t stay where there aren’t opportunities. Especially if they aren’t happy.

For optometrists, this applies to all employees, from your receptionist to your optician. The opportunities they seek may be career advancement, higher compensation, skills development, more responsibility. Maybe their goals will ultimately take them away from your practice – but they may be willing to stay and learn from you if you provide them with opportunities for internal advancement. Some employees may even be willing to stay for the long haul if employers are willing to join them in thinking big about career opportunities.

I like this article from Entrepreneur. It features three real-world examples of how employers can help employees feel more satisfied about their roles and their career path.

Check it out here, and be sure to note the takeaways.