Knowledge – Action – Profit

I’m reading a book about entrepreneurism by Colin Sprake that discusses the concept of “K.A.P.” – Knowledge, Action, Profit.

While reflecting on the concept, I thought about all the Knowledge I gained from recalling patients at White Rock Optometry for 17 years and how I took Action by turning that knowledge into my ReCare™ approach to client recalling. I also thought about the Profit that I made for White Rock Optometry by using the ReCare™ approach to book 30 appointments a day and by training my colleagues to do the same.

Now that I’m consulting for other optometrists, I’m enjoying helping them implement the concept of K.A.P. We start with the doctor’s Knowledge of ocular health, add Action through the ReCare™ approach and see the Profit increase because the doctor becomes fully booked.

Big thanks to Brian and X for giving me Sprake’s book and to Stephen X for reinforcing the concept of K.A.P. without even knowing it.