Learning can bolster business success

Learning is everything.

As revered American basketball coach John Wooden once said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

I’m a huge proponent of continuous learning. We can always deepen our expertise and improve our business acumen.

This article in Entrepreneur caught my eye. Entrepreneur Timothy Sykes offers six reasons why business owners should never stop learning.

You can read the full list at the link above. I’m going to focus on two reasons why optometrists and their staff should keep learning.

Learn to keep generating new ideas

When it comes to managing your practice, new ideas and new skills come from building your business savvy.

So many optometrists I’ve worked with have had to learn how to run and manage a practice on the job. Books, coaches, mentors (and trial and error) were the tools of their success.

Business owners can eventually get to the point where they feel they “know it all” – or know enough to run things smoothly. But it’s important to keep pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. After all, business trends and consumer tastes change. What is stylish in terms of décor comes in and out of vogue. New technologies emerge to help us run practices more efficiently.

Keeping on top of industry trends and business best practices can help you run your best practice.

Don’t forget your staff – opportunities to learn new skills can keep them engaged. When you encourage them to learn about eyewear brands, about your customers, about the industry, your employees are in a better position to contribute great ideas too.

Learning maintains your passion

Learning can also keep us connected to why we do what we do.

This is particularly important for your staff, who haven’t dedicated years of learning and education to optometry. Practices can sometimes experience high employee turnover for positions that aren’t particularly lucrative. Staff don’t necessarily match a practice owner’s passion for work they see as temporary. It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve seen first-hand how giving staff opportunities to learn and build new skills can engage them in new ways. New responsibilities – that come with additional training – can boost morale. Feeling valued and invested in can encourage staff to stay with you longer.

And don’t forget – all of this learning ultimately builds the collective business savvy of your team, better equipping them to help you run your practice.