Living with purpose, on purpose

Purpose – and living with it – is about spending your time doing what matters to you.

I’ve met many optometrists across the country who achieve this on a daily basis. They help people, they heal people and they love doing it.

But what about your staff?

Whether they live with purpose may not seem like an employer’s issue, but it should be.

Unhappy staff are less productive. Morale suffers. This can affect customer service, and it can certainly affect employee turnover.

How employers can help staff work with purpose

Of course, it’s up to staff to take responsibility for aligning their values with their work and their lifestyle.

Optometrists, however, can help. (And they should consider doing so for the reasons given above.)

They can help by starting a conversation with their staff about the staff member’s role, their goals and how the two overlap.

One way to start is by sharing articles like this one. In Entrepreneur, business coach Katrina Ruth offers seven steps we can take to begin living our purpose.

It’s a great refresher for practice owners, who can become consumed in the day-to-day management of their business, and at times feel disconnected from their overarching purpose. It is also a good guide for staff, who may be earlier on in their careers and searching for what they want to do next.

A position doesn’t need to be a “forever job” for it to be meaningful to employees. This is where optometrists can help: by creating opportunities for employees to live their purpose with you. This can include cross-training, offering new responsibilities to staff, creating leadership positions, and giving them chances to apply existing skills.

The upside is certainly worth it: greater employee engagement, higher productivity, new ideas, bolstered morale and staff retention, to name just a few outcomes.

Read the article here for advice on how to follow your passion and live your purpose, and consider sharing it.