Manage your energy, not your time

Last month was a busy one. I spent time in Calgary at two separate clinics, flew home to White Rock to catch up on some work and then headed across the country to speak to University of Waterloo optometry students.

What’s become apparent is that managing life and work isn’t purely about managing time: it’s about managing your energy.

Everything from our nutrition, to our emotional connections, to whether our day-to-day work continually motivates and empowers us, can either work with you, or against you. Feeling drained and exhausted has more to do with our depleted energy levels than the time we’ve sunk into our projects or tasks.

This Harvard Business Review piece is a longer read, but an interesting look at what leaders and hard workers have done to boost, maintain and replenish their energy so that their body, emotions, mind and spirit can help them achieve their goals.