Ramp up your recalling this summer

This time of year, I normally write about the importance of scheduling around staff summer vacations. I’ve written about the benefits of hiring a locum, and about fun ways to keep your team motivated.

Momentum is important, and it often takes a little extra work to keep practices busy and fully booked in July and August.

This summer, things look different.

Not only are there new health, safety and physical distancing measures to take into account, but some practices have not been able to hire back all of their staff.

This year, it’s less about momentum, and more about a restart.

There are many business challenges and tasks that are no doubt demanding the attention of practice owners across the country. Uncertainty persists, and it remains difficult to plan for the future.

One of the best business strategies I’m recommending to optometrists at this point in time is to reboot revenue generation. An unparalleled way to do this is through recalling.

This is especially true now, when families are distracted with summer activities and as people are more careful in how they run their errands. Leaving it up to patients to remember to book an appointment with you is leaving money on the table.

Kids are out of school – including those older university kids – and many people may have delayed or cancelled their annual eye exam during the height of the pandemic. Summer is the time to get your patients and their loved ones back in to see you (provided doing so meets all local government and health guidelines).

A relevant advantage of recalling is that your recaller can be set up to work from home – a plus if your practice is trying to keep your in-practice headcount low.

Whether remote or not, it is important to prioritize getting your business back to normal. If it wasn’t already a key part of your revenue generation strategy, now is the time to give recalling a try.