Reaching Out to Seniors – A Win Win

Making a concerted effort to schedule appointments with your senior-citizen patients is a win-win. Your seniors receive your help in fending-off the eye diseases to which they have become vulnerable. Meanwhile, your schedule stays full even during times that are inconvenient for working-adults and children, such as from 9am-3pm on weekdays and in June when families are busy with final exams and graduation.

Caring for these patients also reinforces your brand as one of loyalty to the community. Some of these seniors were likely your first adult patients when you started your practice. Although they’re now more likely to have cataract surgery than purchase eye-ware, your practice will benefit from having these often chatty patients praising your services in the community.

Having helped make White Rock Optometry one of the most successful practices in Canada in one of the most elderly communities in Canada, I have a number of concrete recommendations for how you can make serving your seniors a win-win. Contact me to find out more.