Experience immediate, significant, increased profits. Research suggests a full eye exam – with exam fees and eyewear sales – is worth on average $306 in revenue. If you have unbooked appointments in your schedule, you’re leaving money on the table.

Pauline Blachford Consulting’s strategies produce quantifiable results right away. Pauline will help you identify areas where you can increase profits and set measureable goals. She will assist you in tracking your progress and sustaining your results over time.

Pauline’s clients speak about their results:

Our investment has paid off handsomely, our booked capacity went from 63% at the end of August to 92% in November, our new employee is up to speed with a much improved recall system.
Jeannette McLaren, Robertson Optical & Optometry

Pauline coached Hayley, our telephone recaller. After 3 sessions, Hayley booked 12 appointments in an hour!
Dr. Susan Seibold, Eyecare at the Mulberry Optometry

Pauline helped us increase daily sales by 28%. That’s huge because, after fixed costs are paid, the rest is gravy.
Dr. R. Glenn Dyck, Surrey Centre Optometry