Scientifically proven ways to add excitement to your job

We come to and hold the jobs we have for different reasons. Compensation is inevitably a major reason why most of us have jobs in the first place. But in terms of the type of job we choose, it may be flexible hours, perks, location, passion, level of compensation or any other number of reasons that have led us to the roles we have now.

I have spoken and consulted with optometrists across the country on how they can empower their staff members to achieve greater results. I’ve also spent a significant amount of time with optometric employees, learning about their individuals drivers, goals and circumstances.

Some have been happy with their jobs, though would welcome more money. Others have felt stuck: they need their job due to circumstance, and maybe they enjoy it too, but have faced challenges with colleagues. Some wish their roles put them on a path to something greater – that they were included and valued as a part of a team, with opportunities for more responsibility, even promotion.

Certain concerns are best addressed through workplace cultural changes, and open conversations with superiors. It’s also worth asking the following two questions:

  • Are you planning on staying in your job long enough to make any additional effort worth it?
  • Are you willing to put in the effort so that your work isn’t simply a way to earn a paycheck?

If you answer both questions with ‘Yes’, then this Entrepreneur article is worth a read. It offers five scientifically proven ways to make your job more exciting and enjoyable. The article is written for employees, and I have no doubt at least a point or two will resonate with staff. It may also be useful for ODs: it can offer ideas you may wish to share with your team. It can also help successful optometrists with some new techniques to improve efficiency, add some excitement to the day-to-day, and help generate some new ideas.

Click here to read the article. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the five suggestions, or if you have other tips and tricks for adding excitement and enjoyment to your job.