Securing more fulfillment at work

Why do you do what you do?

Simon Sinek is well known for asking this question. According to the author, true fulfillment comes from connecting with our ‘why’: why we wake up every morning excited to go to work, why we believe in the work we do, why we’re passionate about that work.

When we define and connect with our purpose, we find inspiration and motivation. That’s what carries us through challenges, and pushes us to new heights.

There’s an important distinction to make – the difference between this deep sense of fulfillment (your ‘why’ or purpose) and happiness. When you align both, you get great results.

As Sinek puts it, it feels great to hit a target, reach a milestone, or close a deal. For optometrists, this may be opening a new office, reducing the number of unbooked appointments in your schedule, expanding your staff, increasing your eyewear sales.

No matter how big the success, the feeling of happiness that accompanies meeting a goal eventually subsides. What doesn’t ever leave is the feeling of progress and success that comes from connecting with your purpose, day-in and day-out. For ODs, this will likely be the fact that you’re helping to improve and maintain the eye health of the members of your community.

There are many ways to better connect with your ‘why’. For example: writing it in a mission statement that you share on your website and in your office, setting goals at the start of your day that relate directly to your broader purpose, and ending your day by reflecting on how you worked toward your ‘why’ – i.e. how many people you helped that day.

Before any of that, the process for securing deeper fulfillment at work (for yourself, and your staff) starts with clearly identifying your ‘why’.

Read Simon Sinek’s latest post for more details on how to begin (and check out the video for some good information too).