Increase your bookings, sell more eyewear, foster a more productive and engaged staff, and ultimately make your practice more profitable.

Pauline Blachford Consulting helps optometrists and healthcare professionals increase their bottom line and build their practice through services that are tailored to each client.

Clients receive a free 30-minute consultation. Pauline then conducts a one-day practice assessment, evaluating the effectiveness of the practice’s recalling strategy, the team’s approach to selling eyewear, the staff’s cohesiveness and level of engagement, and much more.

Following the assessment, Pauline meets with her clients to share her findings and help them develop a plan to maximize the practice’s strengths, and exploit opportunities for growth and improvement.

Increased Bookings
Increased bookings equals increased revenue. If your practice is not fully booked or you are interested in adding appointments, Pauline Blachford Consulting will help you implement a highly effective recalling strategy that adds to your bottom line. This strategy includes Pauline coaching at least two staff members to be effective and efficient telephone recallers.

All employee coaching is personalized, one-on-one ‘active coaching’. After teaching and role-playing a new technique, Pauline has your employee call patients and implement the technique while booking appointments. By the end of the session, your employee will be competent and confident using the new approach to book-up your practice’s schedule. With the guidance of Pauline’s coaching, the benefits of effective recalling will be felt by your practice immediately.

In addition to increased bookings, Pauline’s recalling strategies will grow your client database and enhance your customer loyalty. For more information on the results of Pauline’s strategy, check out her article in the Canadian Journal of Optometry.

Enhanced Employee Productivity
Practices benefit from a productive and engaged staff. Pauline can work with your practice to increase employee productivity and engagement through team-building meetings and retreats.

Increased Eyewear Sales
Research suggests one out of three patients who receive a prescription from an optometrist will buy their glasses elsewhere. If your patients are not buying their eyewear exclusively from you, Pauline can coach you and your team to maximize your sales. Pauline offers one-on-one sales coaching, as well as sales workshops for your entire staff.

Sustainable Results

Change takes action. For all her services, Pauline recommends follow-up appointments once a month, for six months.

As a doctor and business owner, your responsibilities are countless. Practice managers are also caught up in their day-to-day obligations. Retaining Pauline Blachford Consulting to monitor and reinforce your results for six months ensures your positive results are sustained.

Career and Growth Coaching

Pauline is working toward offering career and growth coaching for optometrists. This service will be fully available in the near future.

Are you an ambitious and big-thinking optometrist? Do you want to make your mark on the optometry profession and on the world?

Pauline offers one-on-one coaching and growth coaching designed specifically for optometrists and soon-to-be optometrists who have big dreams and want assistance setting and accomplishing their goals, increasing their confidence and overcoming barriers.

Whether it be over the phone or in person, weekly or bi-weekly, your sessions with Pauline will leave you inspired and focused on the incremental actions that will allow you to achieve your aspirations.