Strength in Community

I write this week in search of solace after a car accident killed five members of my Surrey community on April 28. The accident was horrific and the results devastating, claiming a man’s mother, sister, wife and two of his children and leaving him to raise his infant twins alone.

At times like this, I seek comfort in knowing that the community is supporting and mourning with the survivors. This stark reminder of life’s fragility also leaves me leaning on those around me for strength and reassurance.

I believe my sense of community derives from my 17 years as a recaller at White Rock Optometry. Having relationships with so many of our patients brought me a sense of joy and security. I’ve always felt privileged to have this connectedness, but never more than at a time like this.

So as we leave for work this week, let’s take a moment to appreciate the community connections that we are so blessed with on account of our positions in the healthcare services. And let’s give those in our family an extra hug and kiss before we go.