Summer-to-school strategy for your practice

In the final weeks of summer, our personal strategy should be keeping cool, enjoying family time and squeezing in as much vacation time as possible.

We should also keep at least one eye on September. After all, we are unbelievably a mere three weeks away from back-to-school season.

Just as you would plan for the start of a new school year by grabbing supplies, figuring out new routines and maximizing your time ahead of September, so too should optometrists start a strategy for back-to-school, even if your days of homework and exams are years (or decades) behind you.

Summer-to-school strategy suggestions

Now is the time to get families in for their regular eye health exam before school and extra-curricular activities take over.

It’s also a great time to figure out your September recalling strategy. Is your database up-to-date? It’s time to get ready to recall seniors and retirees who are more likely to make your September weekday appointments than parents or kids who are in full-on work- and school-mode.

I love this list from Invision Magazine. It covers a task or two a week for that you – and better yet, your staff – can tackle in August and September.

The list includes creating a promotion for Grandparents’ Day on September 9. This would tie in perfectly with a September senior-focused recall strategy – and a great opportunity to appreciate some of your oldest patients.

Read the full list here for some inspiration. And let me know in the comments below any other strategy ideas you have in mind for your practice.